Mascotte x Krush Grinder 3.0 Blue

The Krush 3.0 is crafted from the highest quality 6063 Anodized aluminum and precisely CNC machined for a perfect fit. It features a fully magnetically secured outer body for a secure closure and easy access. The sifting dish features an acme thread for easy removal, and is designed to hold the perfect capacity of shredded loose leaf. Additionally, its stainless steel 50 mesh screen at the bottom allows for two consistencies to be milled; counter clockwise for coarse and clockwise for fine.


The Krush 3.0 is an innovative grinder designed for maximum grinding efficiency. Its ergonomic form sits comfortably in the hand and its three compartments offer optimal versatility. The mesh screen is perfect for separating and catching kief with each grind, making it an ideal choice for those looking to take their grinding experience to the next level.

Krush grinders are crafted from high-grade 6063 aluminium and feature a sleek, modern square design that comes in three stylish colours. Open one up and you'll soon understand why these grinders are so beloved. The Krush 3.0 grinder is a beautiful device that offers two grinding modes, allowing you to create the perfect consistency for vaping or rolling. With easy-to-follow cleaning and maintenance instructions, you can ensure the Krush 3.0 will remain in pristine condition for years to come. To keep the Krush 3.0 grinder looking its best, simply use hot water and diluted ethanol alcohol.

The sleek and stylish Krush 3.0 measures just 55mm x 55mm x 44mm, and weighing a solid 184 grams, this grinder is available in the color – Blue.

Impress your friends and grind in style with the Krush 3.0


Dimensions - 55mm x 55mm x 44mm

Weight - 184 grams

Material - 6063 Alumiium

Finish - Sand Blasted Matte

Coating - Anodized