Mascotte x Krush Grinder 2.0 Pink

The Mascotte x Krush 2.0 is the perfect tool for grinding cannabis with ease and style. Constructed from aerospace aluminum and held securely together with powerful magnets, this uniquely shaped grinder features an innovative tooth design that produces a perfectly ground consistency for effortless rolling and smoking. Make your rolling and smoking experience a breeze with the Mascotte x Krush 2.0.


The Mascotte x Krush grinder is designed with an ergonomic, square shape to provide a secure grip that feels great in hand. Its solid, weighty feel and precision-cut teeth make shredding even dense buds effortless. For added portability, the Kube has a built-in loading tray underneath, making rolling a breeze

The Mascotte x Krush grinder is a beautiful device that offers two grinding modes, allowing you to create the perfect consistency. With easy-to-follow cleaning and maintenance instructions, you can ensure the Krush 2.0 will remain in pristine condition for years to come. To keep the Mascotte x Krush 2.0 looking its best, simply use hot water and diluted ethanol alcohol.

The sleek and stylish Kube 2.0 is the perfect pocket-friendly companion. Measuring just 55mm x 55mm x 34mm, and weighing a solid 170 grams, this grinder is available in a selection of beautiful colors - Pink, or Blue. Impress your friends and grind in style with the Mascotte x Krush 2.0.

Dimensions - 55mm x 55mm x 34mm

Weight - 170 grams

Material - 6063 Alumiium

Finish - Sand Blasted Matte

Coating – Anodized


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