Mascotte Freshvloei by ADF Samski

Mascotte Brown Combi on the inside, design by ADF Samski on the outside.


A new drop, a fresh limited edition! Mascotte proudly presents the Freshvloei by Rotterdam artist ADF Samski. The 'Fresh Prince of the North' used his unlimited creative freedom for the design of the rolling paper packaging. No restrictions, plenty of inspiration. When hearing ‘rolling papers’, ADF Samski thinks of warm and hazy summer sessions. That's why this limited edition’s design takes you back to the West Coast of the nineties. Palm trees, free birds, electricity cables, all this in the setting of the ultimate summer evening. The low hanging UFO that seems to beam up cows makes the design ‘spacey’, as do the smoky 'Fresh flow' letters written on the front of the packaging. There is another big surprise on the outside. Scan the QR code with your phone and ADF Samski will pop up in your living room rapping with an excerpt from his new song 'Gouden Ticket', only to disappear 'up in smoke' again. Sorcery? Perhaps. This strong piece of innovation is called Augmented Reality (AR), and it’s clear: ADF Samski's Freshvloei is the ultimate endgame of Mascotte Masters!


Sparkling new design, trusted content. That’s Freshvloei in a nutshell. This exclusive all-in-one Mascotte Brown Combination offers Mascotte’s familiar and expert-favorite rolling papers and tips. But unbleached and therefore more natural. The 34 thin rolling papers burn up slowly and are self-extinguishing. This limited edition with magnetic closure includes a Top Notch x Mascotte bodyguard and a 6-to-go warning leaf. A staggering 34 flexible Mascotte Brown Tips complete its contents.


More Information
Material Unbleached
Size Slim Size
Type 34 leafs
Weight 14 gram

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