introducing the new Limited Edition

What could be better than enjoying summer evenings with friends after work? As the sun sets and the cities lights up, it's the perfect moment to enjoy some flowers. The Mascotte City Lights Limited Edition is more than just rolling papers — it's a tribute to the Cannabis communities all over in Europe. Inspired by the skylines of major cities in the Cannabis scene, our Limited Edition features four big European cities: Barcelona, Warsaw, Amsterdam and Prague. Mascotte brings city lights to you with a limited edition of the Mascotte Slim Size Combi pack. Each booklet contains 34 rolling papers and tips.

Can you find the hidden message?

With four unique layouts to collect, each of them is a piece of the puzzle. As collecting all four layouts, you'll unlock the "big picture" of City Lights: Bring them in the right order and reveal the Mascotte "M". On top of that, the green letters in the city names results in “Mascotte”.

Join us in celebrating the essence of urban life with Mascotte City Lights and let city lights guide your journey through the illuminated streets of Europe's Cannabis capitals.

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Mascotte City Lights - Mascotte