Mascotte at the festivals

WOO HAH! x Rolling Loud x Mascotte: 1-2-3 July 2022

Mascotte at the festivals

Festivals and Mascotte: it has been a good match for years. And fortunately we are able to go again! We are eager to finally experience another awesome festival summer. And we certainly don't do that silently. We celebrate the return of all those great events with a brand new limited edition of the Slim Size Combipack. A limited edition packaging that makes the colors pop, completely in festival style. Front left of the stage or at the festival campsite: there is a good chance that you will see us this summer:

[01-02-03 July 2022]: WOO HAH! x Rolling Loud
[08-09-20 July 2022]: Wildeburg 
[09 & 10 September 2022]: Into the Woods

 We are looking forward to it, are you?


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